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React team has been working on adding new features in past few years. Recently they have added a new feature called JSX Transform in React 17.

We already know that browsers don’t understand JSX out of the box. In order to make them understand the JSX code that we write, they need any compiler like Babel or Typescript in order to convert JSX into regular JavaScript code.

Team React, with the release of React 17 worked with Babel to provide new features of JSX Transform, without breaking the existing setup that were being used earlier.

Why JSX Transform?

Even though it’s…


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If you want to learn React and haven’t yet started, or even if you have already started working on it and you want to know the prerequisites for learning React, you’re at a right place.

Before we start, let’s have look at what exactly React is:

According to Wikipedia:

React is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.

Prerequisites to learn React:

  1. A prior knowledge of frontend technologies…

React Hooks is added newly in React 16.8 which lets us use state and other features without writing the class based components. We’ll be seeing the side by side comparison of React Hooks and Class based states along with the examples.

For ease of understanding, we’ll be taking a counter example which increments the value of a counter once the button is clicked.

State in Class Based Component:

First, let’s see how we do it using the class based components with which you are already familiar.

State in Class-based components

The useState Hook:

Now, let’s go ahead and have a look at the useState hook in practical. …

It’s been a month since I started my job at an IT company. Ah, I should first introduce myself to you folks, you might have met with a guy who always sucks! Yeah, that’s me and all about. By the way I’m still on the way of being an engineer- a 7th semester Computer Science and Engineering fellow trying not to release his hands from his pastimes.

The past month of mine is kind of hard to explain as it measures the heights of patience for a still college going guy. Getting up early so as to get the rest…

Released in September 2008, Android has covered almost 88% of the global smartphone market(according to Why there is a surge for Android among the people. The following reasons supports the query:

Users point of view:

  • The first and important factor is the cost.
  • Wide varieties of apps are freely available for android devices.

Developers point of view:

  • Android has a large community of developers among the world.
  • It is an open source platform.

Generally we see Android as an OS for the Smartphones. Well, Android is not only meant for smartphones. …

Explore the Internet and Make Your Identity

Back in 2010, my computer was just a fun for me. All I could do with my PC is playing a bunch of video games and watching movies. I was far away from something called Internet at that time.

Stuffs under your web presence

Staying Online

Today, being online is the most important part of life. People are engaged on web all the time. So let me ask you a question first. What is web presence? Is it only acquiring an email address or having an IM account on any social media platform? No, your web presence is a lot more than that. …

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